Scientists Beg for Fetal Tissue to Work on Coronavirus Vaccine

President Donald Trump banned the use of aborted fetal tissue in medical experiments and research. I believe this was a monumental step considering aborted babies are used to make vaccines and in medical research. You catch that? Literal babies who were murdered are harvested for their DNA and tissue.

It's unethical and disgusting to use the remains of aborted babies....and even worse is that fact that taxpayers were funding it.

“Promoting the dignity of human life from conception to natural death is one of the very top priorities of President Trump’s administration,” HHS said, according to The Washington Post.

Now scientists at the major government biomedical research laboratory, National Institutes of Health's Rocky Mountain Laboratories, are begging for an exception. They want fetal tissue in order to create a vaccine for the COVID-19.

Activist Mommy reports:

Several researchers familiar with the situation told WaPo that such experiments “could be particularly fruitful.”

A few months ago, before the novel coronavirus hit the globe, other U.S. scientists found that mice could be transplanted with aborted fetal tissue that develops into lungs, which the coronavirus aggressively attacks. These “humanized mice,” they also found, could then be infected with coronaviruses closely related to the one that causes COVID-19.

The creators of the “humanized” mice have offered to give them to the Rocky Mountain Lab, which has access to the novel coronavirus, so the mice could then be subjected to experiments for potential treatments, such as immune-boosting drugs or blood serum treatments from recovered COVID-19 patients.

“Kim Hasenkrug is one of the world experts in immune responses to persistent viral infection, including HIV and a whole bunch of other viruses,” Stanford University stem cell researcher Irving Weissman said.

“It isn’t clear if this added layer of urgent investigations will find more effective” treatments for people infected in the pandemic than other approaches being tried,” he continued, “but it’s stupid not to try.”

Bottom line is that they need to find new ways to come up with stuff because baby tissue is not happening anymore.

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