Sean Penn Slams Trump Re-Election: 'Not a Chance in Hell'

Actor Sean Penn has made it well known that he does not like Donald Trump. So it comes to no surprise that he is attacking the president again, this time targeting his chances of re-election.

Penn said that there will be a surge in voting from young people, which he believes will throw the election off of Trump. While promoting his nw novel on Saturday, he allegedly said on stage with Nick Offerman, “I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Donald Trump is going to win the presidency next time and that’s because I’m getting a sense that it’s going be an exponential jump in young people who are going to say, ‘No thanks.’”

“As it turns out, leading up to the election of 2016, I was going to fucking kill myself if I didn’t find a way out of just focusing on what the hell was happening,” Penn continued, “So I decided to take everything I thought and felt and exaggerated it and exaggerated the language in ways that would keep me giggling through one of the ugliest periods of conscious participation the country has ever had.”

Breitbart reports: 

Penn, of course, has a history of publicly criticizing President Trump.

In a 2018 op-ed for the Time, Sean Penn blasted President Trump as an “enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born. An enemy of mankind…. an enemy of the state.”

He stated that his new novel, Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn, calls out Fox News host Laura Ingraham by name. I'll be interested to see how that blows over. Ingraham is not a woman to be walked on.

“We were fooling ourselves into a sense of comfort and easy denial, going, ‘Oh, I think everything’s going pretty good, we elected a black guy, we’re pretty awesome.’ Then suddenly the wheels fell off and we’re driving on the hubs and we have to fix things a lot more than we thought,” Offerman responded.

Offerman stating that he thought things were fine in politics because "we elected a black guy" obviously shows the delusion of the left. They literally think that the color of a person's skin means they made it. That's not the case at all, and that's not said in racism either. If we'd had a man like Pastor Creflo Dollar Jr. run, or if Ben Carson had stuck it out in the previous election, I would wholeheartedly vote for them. It is not about skin color.

Penn added that the terrible reviews he received for his first book is what inspired him to write another. “All of these pig-shit, asshole, envious [critics] who wrote their own autobiography in the criticism of what I did, and reading between the lines, it was the greatest affirmation of anything I’ve ever done,” he added, “They definitely, for a large degree, are responsible for me not continuing the laziness from the first book for so long, and definitely, definitely once I read those things I said, ‘I’m writing another one.’”