Sen. Blackburn: We need to 'Reduce Pharmaceutical Dependency' on China

GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn joined "Fox and Friends" on Sunday morning, and addressed the staggering reliance that our country has on China regarding things like pharmaceutical ingredients.

Blackburn said that she has been pushing for the United States to reduce dependency long before the current COVID-19 outbreak that is sweeping the planet.

"Many of the pharmaceuticals that are necessary for treating some of these viruses," the Senator said, "they’re made only in China and we are dependent on them for these -- they’re called APIs, active pharmaceutical ingredients."

She said the bill she is proposing "would incentive bringing that production back on U.S. shores" and "would change some of the legislation around the FDA … that deals with these emerging threats and new technologies and add advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing in this."

Fox News reports:

The Republican senator specified that the bill has a $100 million grant pool for "centers of excellence" to work with pharmaceutical companies, and that she is now also looking into possible tax incentives.

Blackburn also addressed legislation currently being worked on by lawmakers to address the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Wow, $100 million is a substantial amount of money! I do agree with where she is coming from though. We should not be dependent on other countries for anything.

“I want to make certain that what we do is targeted, that it is temporary, that’s not picking winners and losers," she said. Blackburn also warned against repeating what she believes were mistakes during the response to the 2008 economic crash which "really slowed down the recovery."

"We need to be certain that what we are doing doesn’t get in our own way," she concluded


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