Southwest Plane Returns to Gate, Boots Family After 2-Year-Old Removes Mask to Snack

What in the actual heck is going on?? There is absolutely insanity when a toddler (or anyone for that matter) is forced to wear a mask to the point that a plane would be taken back to the gate to kick them off!

On Saturday, a Southwest plane returned to it gate to boot a mother and her 2-year-old son after the toddler removed his mask to eat a snack.


Breitbart reports:

Jodi Degyansky, flying from Fort Myers, Florida, to Chicago, boarded the plane with her 2-year-old son on Saturday but was surprised to see that the flight attendants were “much stricter” than those she interacted with on her previous flight.

Her son, Hayes Jarboe, took his mask off after they boarded the plane to eat a snack, but a flight attendant repeatedly warned he needed to have his mask on. According to the News-Press, the plane had already departed the gate but turned around to boot both Degyansky and her son off the aircraft.

“Degyansky said a flight attendant told her that parents were using snacks and chips as an excuse to not put masks on their toddlers,” the News-Pressreported, adding the mother “argued with airline personnel because her son had his mask back on, but they did not listen to her.”

Southwest offers very few exemptions for masks. While everyone two and older is required to wear a proper face covering, Degyansky noted that her son just turned two less than a month ago.

“My toddler who literally turned 2 two weeks ago. … I know you have to draw the line but let’s be a little compassionate with everyone’s individual circumstances,” the mother said.

Southwest websites states that, regardless of age, “there may be times when a Customer needs to briefly remove their face covering,” in order to eat, drink, or take medication. However, they “expect these instances to be very brief, and Customers should put their face covering back on as soon as possible.”

“I’m sure other parents are going through this,” Degyansky said. “I want people to either do their homework before they choose to fly or find an airline that has more leniency.”

“I just felt like I can’t believe it happened,” she continued. “I was left scrambling — how the hell am I going to get home? What if I didn’t have the resources to buy a $600 ticket?”

Southwest told News-Press they are looking into the incident.

A Texas mom flying Southwest recently had a similar experience after the airline kicked her and her two young children off after her autistic son, 3, refused to wear a mask.

“Because of her son’s sensory processing disorder, he did not like having his face touched. Even though Sadler had a note from their doctor about his condition, it did not make a difference, she claimed,” Breitbart News reported.

“He was screaming. He was throwing a fit. He was screaming no, no, no,” mother Alyssa Sadler said.“I think there needs to be something in place for children or even adults with disabilities who can’t wear a mask. They should have some kind of exemption."

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