Stacey Abrams: 'I Will be President by 2040'

Democrat Stacy Abrams said on Friday night that he she will be president by 2040. Not only is she a racist liberal, but she also STILL refuses to accept that she lost the Georgia gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp. What makes her think she will be president when she can't even win an election to become governor?

Senior Political Writer Clare Malone with FiveThirtyEight asked Abrams if she believes that the United States would ever elect a black woman, she responded, "Yes, absolutely."

That alone is a fair assessment. I do believe that eventually there will be a female president, regardless of race. However, when Malone asked if Abrams thought she would ever be the one in the Oval Office, she said,  “Yes, I do. That’s my plan. And I’m very pragmatic.”

Breitbart reports:

Still, the White House is further down the list of Abrams’ political ambitions. In particular, she seemed open to the idea of being used to “balance” a white candidate as an addition to the DNC nominee’s 2020 ticket. “I accept that I exist in the political zeitgeist in a very specific way,” she told Malone in response to the idea of being picked as a candidate for vice president.

Abrams previously told CNN she would be “honored to consider” a position on the 2020 ballot and described it as a “cool job” in a similar conversation with The Washington Post. “As a vice presidential nominee, I think I could be a very effective ally to the nominee in turning out voters and actually turning out voters of every stripe,” she said at the time.

Sorry to break it to her, but regardless of race, I do not ever foresee her with the words "Madam President" presented before her name. She is a crooked, lying, racist, sore loser and none of those are things we want in our president. It has nothing to do with the color of her skin, either. Candace Owens for example; she is a smart, educated, classy black woman. That is the type of person I would vote for. Not Abrams.

Abrams is most famous for her ongoing refusal to accept the results of the aforementioned 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election, crediting Governor Brian Kemp’s win to racism and voter suppression. It is a refrain repeatedly echoed by many on the left, including failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and current Democrat hopeful Joe Biden.

She should just stop while she is ahead, or she will be hurting her own feelings.

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