Steve Scalise on Mailing Ballots to Non-Citizens: 'Definition of Voter Fraud'

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise was interviewed by Breitbart News Daily on Thursday about the automated mailing of ballots to all persons, including non-citizens. Scalise told hose Alex Marlow that doing so is literally the "definition of voter fraud."

“I want to connect some dots here, because Pelosi does not want the House to come back and be able to vote. She wants to have these proxy votes. I think this is all setting up the vote-by-mail narrative, or as we call it, ‘cheat-by-mail,'” Marlow said, calling attention to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call to change voting laws under the guise of "public health."

“Democrats are going to use it to win this election and maybe future elections,” he added.

“You’re seeing some Democrats in Washington that are trying to take advantage of a crisis,” Scalise responded. “We’ve heard that before. We’ve seen their playbook, and they’re trying to do it here.”

Breitbart reports:

Various Democrats, left-wing news media figures, and celebrities are calling for increased remote voting options — including vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting measures — as a public health endeavor to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Democrats’ voting reform proposals “literally would be federalizing elections,” determined Scalise, highlighting opposition to voter ID laws as a push to undermine election integrity.

Marlow and Scalise differentiated between absentee voting and standardized mail-in voting.

“We all want to be fighting for the right for every single American who’s legally allowed to vote to be able to vote once [per election]. Everybody ought to have that legal right, and I’ll fight for that for anybody," Scalise continued, “If somebody who’s illegally registered to vote is casting a vote, that means they’re stealing your vote. They’re stealing the vote of people who are legally registered.”

“To say we’re going to automatically mail ballots to people who we know are on the rolls fraudulently, that is the definition of voter fraud, and it’s taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens, and it shouldn’t be allowed to go forward," he declared.

Scalise concluded, “States like California shouldn’t be the model for how to vote, when you saw — three weeks after election day two years ago — the person who won on election night is not the person being sworn in in Congress, because they were counting votes three and a half weeks after an election until they got the result they wanted. That happens in third world nations, but it shouldn’t be happening here in America.”

Here is the interview:

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