Steve Schmidt: Trump ‘Has The Blood of Over 100,000 Americans on His Hands’

Steve Schmidt, known for being John McCain's presidential campaign manager in 2008, appeared on MSNBC's "Deadline: on Wednesday. He claimed that President Donald Trump “has the blood of over a hundred thousand Americans on his hands” because of his administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Uh, what? This guy is cuckoo!

Schmidt said, “I think Republicans are part of a coalition that wants to turn Donald Trump out of office because he’s the worst president in the history of the country. He’s a profound threat to the security of the country. And we have absolutely zero chance, and by zero chance I mean z-e-r-o, zero chance of moving past this with Donald Trump in that job."

He continued, "He is completely unfit for it. He is unfit mentally. He is unfit physically. He is unfit intellectually. He is a conspiracy theorist who has the blood of over a hundred thousand Americans on his hands, because of the incompetence and the ineptitude in the response to the coronavirus. The leading math and science country in the world is the epicenter of this, and there’s one reason, and that’s presidential incompetence. Full stop.”

“Secondly, when you look at the Russian bounties when you look at his disloyalty and treachery towards the men and women that he’s sworn to command as commander in chief, the men and women who come from every race and creed, every corner of the country, the American people should not tolerate this. He has assaulted our institutions. He has desecrated his office," Schmidt added.

"He has assailed the constitutional order. He has weakened the checks and balances. He has been a force for illiberal liberalism. We see his assaults on our allies and the weakening of the American position until four years in, we stand at a moment of abject American weakness and tragedy that can’t end until he’s gone, and that’s why there’s so many groups out there telling the truth on Donald Trump, trying to convince these Republican voters to say, you’re fired," he concluded.

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