Stormy Daniels Ordered by Federal Judge to Pay President Trump $293,000 in Attorney Fees

Stormy Daniels' five minutes of fame turned out to be very costly for her. She was ordered by a federal judge to pay President Trump $293,052.33 in attorney fees.

Just last week an attorney for President Trump asked a judge to order Daniels to pay $800,000 in legal fees. The attorney claimed his law firm had spent over 500 hours defending President Trump against the defamation allegations.

Charles Harder, Trump's lawyer, also asked the judge to penalize Daniels further, in an attempt to keep her making more outlandish claims in the future.

Harder released a statement:

“The court’s order, along with the court’s prior order dismissing Stormy Daniels’ defamation case against the President, together constitute a total victory for the President, and a total defeat for Stormy Daniels in this case.”

A defamation suit was filed by Daniels against President Trump when he mocked her sketch of the man who threatened her. The man who just so happened to look like her ex-husband.

The case was dismissed on the grounds of the tweet being "rhetorical hyperbole."

Once again Michael Avenatti has came up empty and now the adult film start has to pay up.