Superstar NFL Quarterback Targeted as Possible Running Mate for RFK Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is eyeing Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura as potential vice-presidential candidates for an independent presidential ticket. Both Rodgers and Ventura have been receptive to Kennedy's advances, according to insiders.

Kennedy confirmed that Rodgers and Ventura are his top choices for a running mate. Although it's unclear if formal offers have been made, Kennedy plans to announce his VP pick on March 26.

Kennedy has been in continuous talks with Rodgers and touched base with Ventura, who introduced him at an Arizona campaign event. Responses from their camps vary, with Ventura's son stating they've received no official request.

Adding either Rodgers or Ventura could boost Kennedy's campaign with their fame and independent spirit. Polls suggest Kennedy could draw votes from both major political parties, with Democrats particularly concerned.

Kennedy, a vaccine skeptic and member of the renowned Democratic family, has pivoted from a Democratic presidential run to an independent bid. His controversial views have mirrored those of Rodgers, who also faces backlash for his opinions on health matters.

Kennedy's search for a VP has included discussions with notable figures like Tulsi Gabbard, Rand Paul, and Andrew Yang. So far, Rodgers and Ventura are the main candidates showing interest.

The domain hints at a possible Kennedy-Rodgers ticket. Rodgers, an NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion, faces a potential conflict with his football career.

Rodgers, known for his off-field activism, has faced criticism for his vaccine stance. He's a vocal supporter of Kennedy, sharing their bond on social media.

Ventura, a former wrestler and governor of Minnesota, has kept a foothold in independent politics. He's open to joining Kennedy's ticket, showcasing his continued interest in political endeavors.