Supreme Court Rules Sandy Hook Parents Can Sue Remington

Yikes. The Supreme Court rejected a Hail Mary from Remington gunmakers on Tuesday, and ruled that parents from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting can now sue the gun manufacturer.

After Adam Lanza took an AR-15 style rifle into the elementary school in 2012 and murdered numerous people, a lawsuit against the gun manufacturer was started in 2017 by the families of the lost loved ones. They claimed that Remington was 'glorifying' their guns and aggressively marketing to young men.

While it is sad that lives were lost, it hardly seems fair to punish the maker of a product used in a crime.

If that's the new norm, then we can sue makers of knives, cars, opioids, and the list goes on. In fact, fat people could even sue fast food restaurants for "making them fat," right? See how ridiculous this is?

Vice reports: 

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected a Hail Mary appeal from Remington Arms, which was founded over 200 years ago and claims to be the oldest gun manufacturer in the U.S. The gunmaker had asked the high court to hear its case after the Connecticut Supreme Court greenlit a lawsuit to hold the company accountable for the massacre that left 20 young children and six adults dead in Newtown, Connecticut.

Tuesday’s decision allows victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers going forward and could have massive ramifications for the future of the industry. The justices didn't comment on why they chose to reject the appeal.

Of course gun rights activist groups are standing behind Remington and other gunmakers as this could overturn other laws already intact that protect the firearm industry. In fact, the lawsuit directly threatens Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The federal law was put into place in 2005, and protects gun manufacturers from liability.

Instead of going after gunmakers, why don't schools buckle down on the excessive bullying that drives kids to do such drastic things? Look for the kids who idolize school shootings, or have a history of bad behavior. They need more attention and help.

Suing Remington will do nothing to help this matter.