Taco Bell Brings Back Iconic Dessert Item - With One Big Change

Two years after their discontinuation, Choco Tacos are returning with a significant update. Taco Bell and Salt & Straw, an ice cream brand from Portland, have joined forces to revive the treat this summer. The original Choco Taco was phased out by Klondike in 2022, ending its 40-year run.

At Taco Bell’s “Live Más Live” event in Las Vegas, a new Choco Taco version was introduced. Tyler Malek, Salt & Straw's co-founder, showcased a “cinnamon ancho chocolate taco” with innovative dipping sauces. “This is the most delicious thing you will eat in your entire life,” Malek exclaimed.

Taco Bell enlisted Malek to create a Choco Taco that resists sogginess. He devised a waffle cone with cinnamon ancho ice cream, chocolate dip, and toasted brown rice. This is a departure from the original, which had vanilla ice cream and peanut toppings.

A notable addition to the revamped Choco Taco is dessert hot sauces, including chocolate chili and mango jalapeño, plus a cheesecake dip. Malek announced that these chocolate ice cream tacos would be available at Salt & Straw’s locations and online for nationwide shipping. However, a release date hasn't been specified.

Fox Business notes that the new Choco Tacos won’t be sold at Taco Bell outlets yet. This comeback has sparked excitement among fans who've missed the dessert since its 2022 discontinuation.

Klondike commented on the need for tough decisions like discontinuing products to manage their portfolio. Despite this, there's hope for the Choco Taco's return to ice cream trucks in the future. Klondike, under Unilever, still sells various ice cream products across the country.