Texas is FED UP! Sues California Over Travel Ban

Let's face it, California may be a pretty place to visit but they are basically their own little communist country. Democrats run that state and they pretty much do whatever they want, including the ban of traveling to eleven different states because of "LGBT discrimination."

Really? One state has banned the travel to other states? That is absurd!

However, Texas has had enough and they are saying 'no more!' The southern state is suing California over the travel ban laws.

The Hill reports:

Politico reported Monday that the lawsuit targets a law passed by the California legislature in 2016 that bans travel from state employees to any state that discriminates on the basis of gender identity or sexuality, rules that the state's Attorney General Xavier Becerra expanded to include 11 states which enforce measures that Becerra believes promote discrimination.

Several of the states targeted by the California law allow adoption agencies to bar same-sex couples from adopting children. Provisions in other states include a law allowing student organizations to bar members on the basis of sexual identity.

“We’re reviewing the complaint," Becerra said, "In California, we have chosen not to use taxpayer money to support laws discriminating against the LGBTQ community.”

On Monday, Texas' attorney general said that the lawsuit will stop California's attempts to "divide the nation," and added that their law "demonstrate a disregard for the safety and well-being of Texas children."

"Texas respects and honors the religious beliefs of its citizens. California lawmakers do not. As a co-author of California’s travel ban admitted, they see religious beliefs as nothing more than 'code to discriminate against different people,'" the Texas attorney general's office stated.

"Boycotting states based on nothing more than political disagreement breaks down the ability of states to serve as laboratories of democracy while still working together as one nation—the very thing our Constitution intended to prevent," Attorney General Ken Paxton added.

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