Texas Judge Sentences 11-Month-Old Baby to Death

A judge in Texas has sentenced an 11-month-old baby to death by ruling that a Forth Worth hospital can remove her life support, despite the protests of her mother.

Judge Sandee Bryan Marion sided with the Cook Children’s Medical Center, ruling to cease the life-sustaining treatments being received by Tinslee Lewis. Doctors claim that the child is in pain and that she won’t get better.

However, those doctors are not God and they do not get to determine the end of a life. Miracles happen. That baby could pull through. She needs prayers, not a death sentence!

The Hill reports:

Texas Right to Life has advocated for Trinity Lewis, Tinslee's mother, as she sought a temporary injunction. The group, which opposes abortion, said she will appeal the judge's decision.

“I feel frustrated because anyone in that courtroom would want more time just like I do if Tinslee were their baby,” Lewis said, “I hope that we can keep fighting through an appeal to protect Tinslee. She deserves the right to live.”

The hospital had planned to take Tinslee off life support on Nov. 10, after enforcing Texas's “10-day rule” that allows providers to stop treatment if the hospital’s ethics committee agrees with the doctors that care should cease, even if the family disagrees. Treatment can be ended after 10 days if a new provider can't be found to take on the patient.

Cook Children’s Medical Center officials said they contacted more than 20 facilities as potential new providers, but all of them declined.

"Today’s decision from Chief Justice Sandee B. Marion restores the ability of the Cook Children’s medical staff to make the most compassionate and medically appropriate decisions for Tinslee as she struggles in pain to survive each day," the hospital stated, "This is an emotional and difficult situation for everyone involved, especially for this family who had high hopes that Tinslee would get better."

Tinslee was born prematurely and hasn’t left the hospital. She has a heart defect, chronic lung disease and severe chronic high blood pressure. She has used a ventilator since July and needs respiratory and cardiac support, deep sedation and medical paralyzation. 

Both sides agreed that the hospital would wait at least seven days until discontinuing life support in order to give Trinity Lewis enough time to file an appeal and a motion for emergency relief.

How heartbreaking for that mother. I pray the child pulls through before they remove the support.