The Trump Curse Continues: Robert De Niro Sued for 'Sexually Charged Comments' and 'Unwanted Physical Contact' by Former Assistant

Remember when Robert De Niro was known for starring in hit movies? Now he's most known for crying about President Trump hurting his feelings.

In the latest edition of "The Trump Curse," De Niro has been accused by a former assistant of "sexually charged comments" and "unwanted physical contact."

Per NY Post:

Robert De Niro routinely subjected his longtime employee to creepy and abusive behavior, including leaving her voicemails threatening “you’re f—ing history” and calling her a “bitch” and a “brat,” an explosive new lawsuit charges.

Graham Chase Robinson says for years she was the victim of “gratuitous unwanted physical contact” from the Oscar winner, who also hurled “sexually-charged comments to her” when she worked at his production company, Canal Productions Inc....

The suit also contains a link to a recording of a scathing voicemail De Niro allegedly left Robinson when she didn’t pick up his call.

Oh look, another Hollywood movie star getting hit with a #MeToo.

It's well known that De Niro is a huge jerk. Since he was in some decent movies a large portion of the world was willing to look away.

Here he is being a disrespectful jerk on CNN:

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Behave yourself, Bob. Just because you were in some good films many years ago does not mean you can do whatever you want to women.

When you look at recent history, it's easy to believe that he will just be allowed to skate. Remember what happened with Alec Baldwin?

Hollywood is sick and twisted. The good news is the last election proved that America doesn't give a damn what Hollywood thinks.