'The View' Co-Host Sunny Hostin Refers to Black Conservatives as ‘Props’

As someone with many Conservative friends of color, I am insulted for them when looney liberals call them insulting things. “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin added a new one to the list after she referred to black Conservatives as "people props." Is that truly all she thinks of them just because their opinions are different than hers? Disgusting.

While talking about a Florida poll that showed Joe Biden losing ground among Hispanic voters, Hostin said that she isn't surprised by that, or that black Americans aren't voting for Trump. (So she thinks)

“I actually wasn’t surprised to hear it because Cubans in Florida typically do vote Republican,” she began. “That wasn’t a surprise to me. It wasn’t a surprise to me that black voters are overwhelmingly the backbone of the Democratic Party—83% in favor of Biden.”

“You know, you hear all of this coming from the Trump campaign about how black people have nothing to lose and they are gonna overwhelmingly vote for Trump, and you had all the black people props all over the RNC talking about all the stuff they’ve done for the black community,” Hostin continued. “You heard Sarah Sanders yesterday talking about all the things that have been done for the black community by the Trump administration. They’re not voting for Trump. So, the poll wasn’t really that surprising to me because Latinos have been very supportive, and have voted Republican for quite some time.”

Sunny Hostin is far from the first Democrat operative to dehumanize black conservatives so nonchalantly. Shortly after the RNC, Politico also referred to convention speaker Alice Johnson as someone who was “propped up” by the Trump campaign to tout criminal justice reform.

“Alice Johnson, a key player in Trump’s criminal justice reform push, delivered her RNC address tonight. She’s been propped up as one of the most prominent beneficiaries of the terms of the First Step Act. Kim Kardashian played a role in her prison release,” Politico tweeted.

Joy Reid of MSNBC even went as far as to suggest that the black RNC speakers were “trotted out to make white Americans feel comfortable about white nationalism,” while Elie Mystal at the far-left publication The Nation seemed to compare them to Judas Iscariot—the apostle who betrayed Jesus Christ.

“What anger I have for this particular crop of Black tokens comes from the fact that so many of them volunteered,” he wrote. “These were not schoolboys trying to get by at prep school or single moms trying to hang onto their jobs. These were grown-ass adults, predominantly men, who could have sat this grift out but raised their hands to confirm white bias and quote scripture while doing it. We know Trump doesn’t like to pay his debts, so I hope they got their 30 pieces of silver up front.”

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