Thug Shoots, Kills Elderly Couple Visiting Veteran's Cemetary

A husband and wife in their 80's were shot and killed on Friday morning while they were visiting the Delaware Veterans memorial Cemetery in Bear, Delaware.

According to Daily Mail reports, the Elkton, Maryland couple were shot by 29-year-old Sheldon Francis. The 85-year-old wife died at the scene while her 86-year-old husband was transported to the hospital and died on Saturday,

It is still unknown as to whether or not the thug knew the people he murdered. However, he was found dead a few hours later after changing gunfire with police at the scene. They later discovered his body but it is not known if he died from police fire or from self-inflicted wounds.

I doubt you will see this on mainstream media though. It does not go along with their race baiting narrative. If the man had been white and the couple were African American, then this would be plastered on every news outlet across the country.

However, since he is not white, it doesn't go along with their narrative about racism and white men killing black men. Those seem to be the only stories that get national coverage. Which is simply an attempt to turn us against each other.

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