Tom Cruise Addresses the Strangest Rumor He's Ever Heard About Himself

In a recent conversation with The Times of London, renowned actor Tom Cruise cleared the air about one of the most unusual rumors circulating about him. Christopher McQuarrie, director of "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1," had inquired about the "oddest tale" Cruise had encountered about his persona during their chat.

Cruise, known for his fame worldwide, reacted to this with a hearty laugh before he debunked the false claim. He identified the most peculiar falsehood he'd come across as the assertion that people were prohibited from making eye contact with him.


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Cruise managed to swiftly dispel a misunderstanding that has seemingly plagued his reputation for a considerable length of time. At some point, an image was constructed of him being aloof and unapproachable. Yet, his co-star Simon Pegg countered this image with his own experience, citing Cruise as a very approachable and relatable individual on numerous levels. Pegg even went as far as to label him as a 'pretty normal guy'.

Pegg peeled back the layers on the man behind the stardom, recounting first-hand experiences that painted a more genuine picture of the Tom Cruise he's come to know.

The interview further divulged that the highly celebrated actor often engages in dance-offs with his fellow cast and crew, which would presumably necessitate a certain degree of eye contact.


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“I’ve been able to hack my way through all the bizarre mythology that surrounds him,” Pegg said to The London Times.

“On one side he’s Tom Cruise — this enigmatic film star everyone wants to know about. And on the other he’s just a guy,” he said.

Pegg spoke about Cruise's fervor for the film industry and his strong bond with his fans, before expressing, "I like being normal with him."

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