Top Fast Food Chain in America is Revealed - And It's Not McDonald's, Taco Bell or Chick-fil-A

BASKIN-ROBBINS takes the crown! It's officially America's top fast food spot. Every year, YouGov's internet polls reveal the nation's favorite eateries. And this year, it's all about those iconic ice cream scoops!

YouGov's method? Simple. They measure the love for a brand. How many people see it positively? That's the key.

Baskin-Robbins, the ice cream giant, reigns supreme in America's fast food world.

Nipping at its heels, Dairy Queen grabs the second spot. A classic in its own right. Then there's Wendy's, where fries and Frostys are legends.

The list continues. Other beloved chains trail closely, vying for America's heart.

Taco Bell spices up the list at number six, and Subway secures the eighth spot.

McDonald's, a global icon, sits at number ten. Panera Bread, with its cozy vibe, lands at fourteen.

Chick-fil-A, famed for its Southern hospitality, clinches the sixteenth position.

Yet, some big names missed the top 20 cut. Burger King, Chipotle, and Starbucks didn't quite make the mark. Burger King was close but no cigar, landing just outside at 21st. Chipotle wasn't far off either, snagging the 24th spot.

Starbucks, despite its coffee empire, only brewed up a 36th place.

The list's tail end? A diverse mix of chains, each unique in its own right, including Shake Shack and Smoothie King.