Trans Teacher: It's 'Transphobic' that Students, Teachers Must Use Separate Bathrooms

Ummm, what!? A transgender teacher in Wisconsin is actually upset that he's not allowed to use the bathroom with the students. He claims that the school's policy to keep teachers out of student bathrooms is “transphobic.”

4W reports that the teacher, a biological male, refers to himself as “Vica Steel,” has accused the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) of transphobia in a public announcement.

Steel, formerly known as Mark Vincent Busenbark, is a science teacher at Frank Allis Elementary School, in Madison, Wisconsin. As a SCIENCE teacher, you'd think he would understand how basic biology works.

Last year he made the news after a video surfaced of him "coming out" to his students and demanding they call him "Mx." instead of "Mr." That should have been the moment that the school district saw him unfit to teach anymore.

The teacher's open letter accusing the school district of transphobia reads:

The leadership of Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) is currently enacting a transphobic policy. And yes, it’s about bathrooms. It’s ALWAYS about bathrooms.

Here are the facts:

The policy our leadership is enacting is to require that staff and students use different bathrooms. I know, that doesn’t seem transphobic on the face of it. Our leadership wants to push the idea that it’s just a clarification of existing expectations. They want us to believe that it’s not transphobic, it’s just about safety and about “listening to all stakeholders”. And if that were true, this would not be a problem.

You may be asking, how on earth is that transphobic? Here is Steel's explanation:

In the 23 years that I’ve been in the district, students and staff have always used the same multi-stall bathrooms in our schools. Does that shock you? Women using the same bathrooms as girls? Can I ask you to name any public space that segregates bathroom use by age? Do theme parks? Malls? Restaurants? Museums? Every place I’ve been in my life, Adults and youth use multi-stall bathrooms. Why would anyone think schools are in any way different than every other place we go in our lives.

Activist Mommy reports:

Busenbark claims that during his tenure with the district, there has never been a complaint regarding biological female staff using the same bathrooms as their students.

Last month, Busenbark says, he began using the same multi-stall bathroom as the women in his wing of the school.

“Within days a transphobic parent complained to the district and our leadership, instead of following established guidelines for transgender people and our district’s bathrooms, the leadership decided to rush a change of policy so that I would not use that bathroom,” he said.

Busenbark added that the school does, in fact, have a bathroom policy allowing transgender individuals to use the bathroom which most closely aligns with their preferred “gender identity,” as well as several “all-gender” bathrooms.

“There is no district policy regarding adult staff using children’s bathrooms, so therefore there have been no policy changes,” said MMSD Public Information Officer Tim LeMonds in an interview with 4W. “However, as a best practice, the district does encourage adult staff to not use a children’s bathroom.”

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