While Troops Pay The Price For Government Shutdown, Pelosi Takes Dems Out To Exclusive Dinner Party

According to reports from the media, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took the 192 Democrat House of Representatives members out to a fancy Italian dinner in DC. Pelosi did this on the first day of the government shutdown. Not very considerate when you consider the price the troops are paying as a result of this shutdown.

Jake Sherman of Politico was the first to report on the Pelosi dinner.

Sherman tweeted:

PELOSI hosting a dinner for all House Dems tonight at aqua al 2.....

Scott Wong of The Hill tweeted about what was on the menu for the dinner:

On the menu at Pelosi’s dinner at Acqua al 2: cheeses and meats, pasta, lots of wine and for dessert ... cheesecake with strawberry drizzle & tiramisu

Members fan out across DC for dinner. Spotted Alabama lawmaker grabbing pizzas at Matchbox on Barracks Row; Dems heading to Acqua al 2

Per The Gateway Pundit:

Acqua Al 2, located blocks from the Capitol, describes itself as “an authentic Italian restaurant located in the heart of the historic Eastern Market in Washington, DC.” The menu is not cheap and not the most expensive either for D.C., but dinner for two would put a hurt on a working couples’ budget with dinner entrees running from $18 to $39, not including drinks, appetizers and dessert.

Military families blasted Pelosi for living it up while soldiers are going without due to the shutdown.

“Hi @NancyPelosi Can my @USArmy daughter go? For some reason she’s not getting a paycheck and illegals get more support from dems then she does…personally I think its idiotic to hold up military paychecks… The play with high explosives…”

“Wow. My Son in the military gets screwed and she celebrating? What has this country coming to?”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka chimed in on the situation:

“The Left is celebrating. Because they love illegals. And not our military. SHAMEFUL”

What a despicable moment from the left, especially Nancy Pelosi. Is anyone surprised though, really?

While Troops Pay The Price For Government Shutdown, Pelosi Takes Dems Out To Exclusive Dinner Party

Many people took to Twitter to express their dismay.