Trump Campaign Puts 'Fredo Unhinged' Shirts On Sale, Trolling Chris Cuomo

President Trump has long established himself as one of the top trolls in the game. The trend continues as the Trump campaign puts "Fredo Unhinged" shirts for sale.

“Get your commemorative #FredoCuomo Unhinged shirt today! We only have a limited supply of the shirt, which was inspired by the epic & historic viral video of @CNN’s @ChrisCuomo meltdown!” Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a Tweet.

Fredo Unhinged Shirts on Sale!

The t-shirts are selling for $34. On the official campaign store it says:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is Fredo!

The truth hurts. He totally lost it.

Help us annoy Chris Cuomo and buy your “Fredo Unhinged Tee” now!

Parscale even personally thanked Fredo for filling up their coffers.

Now that everyone has seen the video of Cuomo where he came unglued after being called Fredo, this is an easy opportunity for the Trump campaign to capitalize.

“I’ll f*ckin ruin your shit. I’ll f*ckin throw you down the stairs like a f*ckin punk!” Cuomo said.

It didn't stop there. Cuomo absolutely lost his mind and someone was there to video the entire thing.

The video went viral Monday evening on social media and by Tuesday morning the shirt was already on sale. That's called taking advantage of a situation.