Trump is So Homophobic, His Openly Gay Judicial Nominee was Just Confirmed by Senate

According to the left, President Donald Trump is homophobic, among a long list of other nasty things. In fact, one of their biggest arguments is that Trump hates gay people and wants to take their rights.

If he was sooooo homophobic, why would he choose an openly gay man to be his judicial nominee for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals? Not only did the president nominate Patrick Bumatay, a Filipino, but the Senate confirmed him.

I guess that also blows the “racist” argument out of the water as well, eh?

Washington Times reports: 

Mr. Bumatay, who has worked as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of California, cleared the Senate by a 53-40 party-line vote.

He did not have support from California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala D. Harris, who said the White House never consulted with them about the nominee.

“Patrick Bumatay lacks the knowledge and experience necessary for the 9th Circuit. He also acknowledged working on the separation of immigrant families while at the Justice Department and refused to answer questions about other controversial issues,” Feinstein scoffed.

Daniel Goldberg, legal director of the progressive Alliance for Justice, argued that there were other, more qualified candidates that Trump could have chosen from.

“He has minimal appellate experience,” Goldberg added.

Mr. Bumatay is the 49th federal appeals court judge appointed by Mr. Trump. Later this week, the Senate is expected to confirm Lawrence VanDyke, another nominee to the West Coast’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

He would be the president’s 50th circuit court appointment if confirmed, and Mr. Trump’s 10th to the 9th Circuit, which the president has routinely railed against, saying it’s filled with activist judges.

Article III Project president, Mike Davis, said that they are only upset about Bumatay because he isn’t a liberal. “The reason the Democrats and these left-wing groups think Patrick Bumatay is unqualified is because he is a conservative judicial nominee who happens to be a minority who doesn’t fall in line with liberal orthodoxy,” he said.

The left can’t stand the fact that they can’t control the President, which means they can’t control our country.