Trump on American Workers: 'They're the World's Greatest Labor Force'

President Donald Trump has a Labor Day proclamation about American workers: we are the greatest in the world!

“On Labor Day, we recognize the remarkable American workers who comprise the greatest labor force in the world,” Trump said, “American workers are the heart and soul of our Nation’s economic resurgence.”

“Jobs are consistently becoming available faster than people can fill them,” he continued, “Today, we honor those Americans whose contributions have turned our country into an economic powerhouse, and we renew our commitment to create an environment that continues to foster and promote opportunity."

Breitbart reports:

The president touted his record of pro-growth policies in the economy, adding more than six million new jobs since his election with historically low unemployment numbers. He also pointed to wages rising at the fastest pace in a decade.

The president also touted his efforts to renegotiate trade deals with Mexico, Canada, and South Korea for a fairer deal for American companies employing American workers.

“Since my first day in office, I have followed through on my promise to fight for an agenda that puts American workers first,” Trump added.

Unemployment is currently at 3.7 percent, the lowest since 1969. Real median household income has risen about $7,000. Manufacturing jobs are up under Trump’s administration by 496,000. Hourly pay for line workers is up eight percent

A new survey shows that 54 percent of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs, up three percent from 2018.

The economy and jobs are booming with Trump in office. There is no denying that. That is a feat that former President Barack Obama could never accomplish.