Trump and Putin Have Phone Conversation - Vow to Improve Ties

On Monday, President-elect Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone for the first time. According to Kremlin, they came up with a plan to review the poor relations that exist between the two countries.

Trump and Putin Have Phone Conversation

According to a statement from Kremlin, the two agreed, "on the absolutely unsatisfactory state of bilateral relations."

The two discussed many issues during their phone conversation. These issues included economics as well as terrorism. It's worth nothing that Putin was the first world leader to congratulate Trump on his victory. On Wednesday just an hour after he was declared victor, Trump was sent a telegram by Putin. This was sent despite the two having never met. Putin also made the phone call as a way of offering congratulations to Trump.

The men also discussed Syria. Specifically they talked about the issues of terrorism and extremism which exist in Syria.

Putin claimed a neutral status throughout the United States Presidential Election. There is a state-run media, which is controlled by Putin. This state-run media definitely pulled for Donald Trump. Once Trump was declared the victor, the state-run television news called Hillary Clinton, "the blonde woman."

As the call concluded, the two agreed to remain in contact so they will be able to set up a meeting together in the future.

During the election, Trump and Putin seemed to be developing a mutual admiration for one another. This is something that will be interesting to follow as the story develops.