Twitter Censors Pence Tweet, Claims it was a 'Mistake'

It's no secret that Facebook and Twitter are censor machines! If they don't like what you have to say, boom! Censored. Want to share a funny meme that goes against their narrative? Censored. Want to share literal facts that oppose the agenda they want to push? You guessed it: censored.

On Wednesday, Twitter hid a tweet from Vice President Mike Pence with a filter that declared it was "sensitive content."

Now the social media giant is claiming that they made an "error."

Twitter said the tweet was  “flagged as sensitive media in error,” and added that they reversed the censor. However, it wasn't until the VP's press secretary Katie Waldman noticed and pointed it out.

She tweeted, "@Twitter are you kidding me? Please explain to me what it is sensitive about a video of @Mike_Pence day in New Hampshire."

Breitbart reports:

This is not the first time that Twitter has censored a member of the U.S. executive branch by “mistake.” A year into President Trump’s first term, a “disgruntled customer support employee” was able to briefly delete the President’s personal Twitter account. The employee was later revealed to be Bahtiyar Duysak, a Turkish-German who was working for Twitter in the U.S. on a visa.

Errors with the “sensitive content” filter have also happened before. The Drudge Report, an influential aggregation site for conservative news, at one time had all of its tweets hidden behind the filter. This caused users who quote-tweeted the account including President Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., to have their quote-tweets filtered as well.

Users who wish to view all “sensitive media” on Twitter may choose to do so, either by clicking past the warning label or by toggling “Display media that may contain sensitive content” in their user settings.

It's mind-blowing to me that they will censor things like that, but they allow porn and death threats to run rampant. It's a sad reality.

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