Violent Pro-Choice Mob Attacks Pro-Life Group: 'Hail Satan, I Eat Babies for Breakfast'

Wow, pro-abortion feminazis seem to be getting more crazy and more violent by the day!

Pro-life group TFP Student Action found out the hard way just how ridiculous the left can be. After setting up a small demonstration at George Washington University to hand out brochures, they were met by a violent, pro-abortion horde.

One delusional protesters yelled, "It's still a baby inside, but I have every single right to f***ing decide what I do with my own f***ing body!"

Another yelled, "Hail Satan!" as the pro-choice advocates demanded the TFP Student Action abandon their post and leave.

A male student smugly stated, "I eat baby lungs for breakfast!" and a female student literally spit on the pro-life group.

What kind of disgusting people turn violent in the face of those who want to save the unborn babies? They have some serious demons.

One TFP volunteer said he was kicked in the back of the leg, while another said students repeatedly hit his arm cast.

At one point, the crowd converged around TFP Student Action, dancing and singing and flipping off the pro-life group.

TFP said campus police left it to Washington, D.C., cops to quell the mob, forming a barrier between the two groups — not that it helped much.

TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie said, "But the mob showed neither respect for the police officers nor obeyed their orders. They just continued screaming: 'My body, my choice.'"

"One of them put a pro-abortion sign on our windshield, and others started spitting on the windows of our van," he continued, "If they don't respect the most innocent lives of the unborn, do you really think you can trust pro-abortion activists to respect anyone?"

Police reportedly had to escort the pro-lifers to their vehicles. Of course the mob took this as a victory, and celebrated with screams and twerking.

The pro-lifers said the "hellish" crowd gave them parting gifts as well.

The TFP Student Action leader added that pro-abortion mob "refused to acknowledge that every innocent human person — born or pre-born — has the right to life. Our culture has strayed so far from God and reason that what used to be self-evident is not so clear anymore, especially on left-wing college campuses where procured abortion is considered to be more than a right — it's been granted the status of a secular virtue."

The College Fix said it asked Ritchie about his group's all-male team, which particularly irks pro-abortion advocates who say men can't tell women what to do with their bodies.

"Although we promote activities for the whole family, our core team of volunteers is for men," Ritchie added, "We strive to live the virtues and spirit of Catholic chivalry. … Since the deliberate killing of the unborn is both unjust and morally evil, we must stand up and speak out. Real men will always defend the right to life of the unborn."

Here is a clip of just how terrible the encounter was:

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