Viral Video at a Red Sox Game Shows How Far Bud Light Has Fallen

Bud Light's popularity seems to be waning among attendees of Boston Red Sox games, along with every other place it's sold. The brand has faced intense criticism and negative attention since its collaboration with Dylan Mulvaney, similar to the backlash experienced during the Vietnam War.

Following the incident at the beginning of April, Anheuser-Busch has been heavily engaged in damage control, yet it appears to be ineffective. Sales have decreased, and AB InBev CEO Michel Doukeris is attempting to distance the brand from the situation. However, a simple apology would not suffice as a solution.

A recently discovered video depicts the severity of the predicament.

@luistejadabostonrealtor, a TikTok user, shared a viral video a few days ago, revealing an empty queue for those seeking to purchase Bud Light. The coolers were full, with little to no inventory being depleted. Conversely, there was a long line nearby, though it's unclear which items those customers were waiting to buy, but evidently not Bud Light.

This video is the most recent instance of individuals abandoning the Bud Light brand, and it has amassed an astonishing 1.2 million views. While this video may not speak for all ballparks in the United States, it certainly does not appear as if there is a rush for cold Bud Light.

@luistejadabostonrealtor Fenway Park Bud light stand Ghost Town! #budlight #fenwaypark #redsox #massrealestate #realtor #bienesraices #jesuslovesyou #forsalebyowner #sellersagent #jesus ♬ Time of the Season - The Zombies

The decline of Bud Light sales serves as a prime illustration of the "going woke, going broke" concept. During the week ending on April 22nd, in-store sales for Bud Light decreased by 26%, which is a staggering figure. This drop can be attributed to the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, and it should come as no surprise that aligning with an individual whose brand mocks women and behaves childishly would harm business.

It is clear that this outcome was entirely predictable, as the consequences of associating with such a persona should have been evident to anyone who was paying attention.

Regardless of whether it is celebrities criticizing the brand, concerts serving it in limited quantities, or Red Sox fans refusing to purchase it, it is evident that customers are still dissatisfied with Bud Light.

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