Walmart Addresses Speculation About Self-Checkout Lanes

A Facebook video from March 10 shows chaos at Walmart self-checkouts. It claims Walmart now charges a $98 annual fee for self-checkout access to fight theft.

The video includes clips of people evading security and scanning incorrect barcodes. A man states that corporate has shut down all self-checkouts nationwide.

"Walmart charging $98 to use self checkout?" reads the post's caption.

This video quickly spread, reaching over 40,000 shares in three days. The claim also popped up on Instagram, TikTok, and X.

Walmart clarified that self-checkout remains open to all, but some stores might limit access during busy times. This might mean only Walmart+ members can use them at certain times.

Late in 2023, some locations began reserving self-checkouts for Walmart+ members and Spark delivery drivers. But non-members can still use them.

Kelsey Bohl from Walmart explained they adjust checkout options based on how busy the store is. They also set aside certain lanes for Walmart+ members.

At less busy times, Walmart might close self-checkout to prioritize manned lanes. However, lanes for Walmart+ and Spark drivers stay open.

Contrary to the viral post, there's no widespread policy to restrict self-checkout only to members.