Washington Extends Stay-at-Home Order Through May 4

As more and more people beg for a national quarantine, President Trump has yet to do so. Thank God he hasn't! People are nutty to be begging for their freedom to be taken away.

However, governors have been extending the stay-at-home orders in many states. Washington Governor Jay Inslee extended the state's order to May 4 on Thursday.

He said during a news conference, “the fastest way to economic recovery is for a recovery of our health, which is fundamental to all we hold dear.”

The Hill reports:

Washington was hit hard by the virus early on in the U.S.'s outbreak, and as of Thursday evening has more than 6,000 confirmed cases and 262 deaths, according to the state’s department of health.

The state first announced a stay-at-home order March 23.

Inslee’s decision comes as some state governors have hesitated to declare stay-at-home orders and the nation  grapples with economic fallout from the disease. 

“We need to make decisions based on science and reality. And there are some hard realities we have to understand. And that is, unless we continue a very vigorous social distancing program in my state, this is going to continue to spread like wildfire to every single corner of my state,” Inslee continued.

On Thursday, Inslee also expanded the definition of “essential businesses” to include automotive repair shops, private campgrounds and commercial fishing and geoduck operations.

It seems to me that this has gone too far. Open the economy back up and let people live their lives. If someone is sick or at risk, they they can stay home. The rest of us need to keep the world spinning.

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