WATCH: Angry Tow Truck Driver Removes Van Blocking Traffic with Climate Change Activist Hanging on For Dear Life

There have been insane climate change activists in D.C. pushing their narrative and causing mayhem. It's not enough for them to promote their ideas, they want to make everyone else suffer.

They took their operation to the streets of D.C. and blocked traffic in an effort to shut down the city.

The protesters climbed onto vehicles and stopped interceptions. There were first responders out there who were unable to get where they need to be to do their jobs.

One particular instant there was a climate protester who climbed on top of a van and refused to get off. The protester didn't think that the two truck driver would remove the vehicle with someone on top of it.

Well, they were wrong. The two truck driver towed the van away with the left wing nut job still on top of it.

This was incredible! 

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People need to understand that just their are consequences to their actions. You can't just stand on a van and think it will keep a tow truck driver from doing their job.