WATCH: Author Robin DiAngelo Claims Comedy is ‘An Excuse To Be Racist’

Are you ready to rub your temples? Because you will need to rub your temples for this news story.

"White Fragility" author Robin DiAngelo declared that comedy is just "an excuse to be racist," during an interview in April.

She told interviewer Joseph Jaffe, “So comedy is, I think it’s an excuse to get to be racist, right? Like irony. And I think TV shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘South Park,’ maybe a little bit ‘The Simpsons,’ right, allowed white people to be racist self-consciously, right?”

“Like I know I’m being racist and therefore it doesn’t count and it’s okay,” she continued. “And it’s a lot like what I exposed that couple to at dinner. I’m still reinforcing racist tropes and ideologies and stories. It’s still being reinforced in everybody’s mind who’s listening, and so I don’t think it’s benign to do it in a joking way. And there is a concept in comedy called punching up, not down. So you know, you want to punch up, there’s very different power dynamics and it doesn’t hurt in same way, it doesn’t invoke a deep deep centuries long history of oppression when you poke fun at say, white people, but it’s very very different when you poke fun at people of color.”

Oh my.


DiAngelo also stated, “One of the stories I open my book, ‘Nice Racism,’ with is going to dinner with another couple, a black couple that I hadn’t met before, and it my urgency to prove I wasn’t racist, immediately, as soon as I see this couple’s black, I need to prove to them I’m not racist. This happened back in the ‘90s, so I wouldn’t be doing this today. But, and so how did I attempt to show them I wasn’t racist? I told them how racist my family was, and I shared every joke and comment my family made, with a kind of ‘Can you believe they said that?’ I mean, I subjected that couple to racism all night long and thought I was showing that I wasn’t racist, right? But I would never have brought the conversation to racism if they were a white couple. There (sic) wouldn’t have even been on my radar.”

“So who I am, my true self, if you will, is changing based on the social conditions,” she added.

Can you say white savior complex?? Oof.

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