WATCH: Baseball Announcer Blames Increase in Home Runs on Global Warming

Baseball usually stands by in the social justice warrior circuit compared to NBA and the NFL. Well, not this time. Baseball announcer F.P. Santagelo has joined the global warming party.

There has been a big spike in home runs this season. Santagelo thought outside the box when coming up for some reasons as to why there is such an increase. His most notable reason was global warming.

It doesn't take any advances science to figure out why home runs have increased. Most notably it has been caused by a focus on an increased launch angle and a change in approach at the plate with a stronger focus on swinging for the fences.

From the league's biggest power hitters to role players, everyone across the board is setting career highs in home runs.

Just two seasons ago a new single-season record was set for home runs with 6,105 home runs. The league is on pace to break this record with ease in 2019.

Santagelo provided his very curious reasoning.

“I think the bats, plus the balls, plus launch angles, plus pitchers throwing hard, plus global warming is why there’s so many home runs,” Santagelo after seeing a towering blast by Eloy Jimenez of the White Sox.


This isn't the first time someone has suggested this. Back in 2012 Tim McCarver suggested global warming was the reason. Joe Buck fired back with a reference to Al Gore's "inconvenient truth."

This is not the first crazy claim on a social issue related to Major League Baseball this season. Earlier in the season a Cubs fan flashed the "ok sign" and was suspended from Wrigley Field for life for flashing a "white power symbol." It's the circle game. Where if you make the circle and your friend looks you get to punch him. Theo Epstein had an embarrassing take on the situation. It looks like the internet has done their best to wipe away this idiotic take from Epstein, but this video remains:

Now baseball announcer F.P. Santangelo has joined the party.

Come on baseball. You're better than this.