WATCH: 'Based Amy' Stabs Trump Baby Balloon in UK, Gets Arrested

A President Trump supporter in the UK took a stand against the existing display of the Trump baby balloon and decided to do something about it.

"Based Amy" who modeled her name after "Based Stickman" (who took a stand against Antifa thugs early in the Trump presidency) is a European supporter of President Trump.

Just like in the United States, there are many people across the pond who do not oppose President Trump. Yes, despite what the news reports, there are people who are not socialists in the UK.

Of course there is opposition to President Trump in the UK. The insane protesters come out of the woodworks. They even brought out an insane Trump baby balloon.

Well, Based Amy took a stand against the stupid balloon and popped it. After doing so she was quickly arrested.

Despite knowing she was going to be arrested anyway. Why? She was doing it as a birthday present for herself.

She knew there was a price to be paid when she popped this balloon, but she did it anyway. Because she wanted to get her point across. Good on you, Based Amy.