WATCH: Chris Cuomo Says 'Concentration Camps' Has Nothing to do With Nazis, But 'America First' Does

Chris Cuomo has lost his mind and he proves it on a daily basis. CNN gives him the platform to do so. In his latest insane rant, Chris Cuomo says concentration camps have no Nazi connotations, but "America First" does. He really said that.

And they wonder why their ratings have went down the drain. They let people like Chris Cuomo come on there and say this insane stuff.

Some of the comments reacting to this segment were pure gold:

As long as CNN lets him use their platform, Chris Cuomo will continue to say these insane things.

The other man in the segment makes a great point. If the detention centers are like concentration camps, then he is comparing the border security workers to Nazis. Many of these workers happen to be Hispanic. So disrespectful.