WATCH: CNN Reveals Why The Democrats Are Headed for Disaster at the Midterms: 'The Worst Ever'

CNN Host Fareed Zakaria delivered terrible news to the Democratic Party about the upcoming midterms.

While appearing on "Don Lemon Tonight," they discussed the different reasons for the likelihood that the Republicans are going to dominate the midterms.

“The Democrats are doing better than they were,” Zakaria told Don Lemon on “Don Lemon Tonight.” “Republicans still have an advantage, they are still leading in the generic ballot. And unfortunately, because of all kinds of electoral rules and some gerrymandering and things like that, Republicans overperform.”

Earlier in the show, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell claimed the Democrats were rallying due to issues like gun control and abortion.

Then Zakaria came in and hit them with some bad news.

“There is one troubling indicator, though, which remains to be true, which is a very surefire predictor on these things historically,” Zakaria said. “The President’s approval rating continues to be very bad. And of all the kind of indicators of the Presidents party’s performance in a midterm, I don’t think I’m wrong in saying this: I think the single most surefire predictor is, what is the President’s approval rating?”

Lemon replied by saying Biden's approval rating was "not very good." Some would call that an understatement. Count Zakaria among those.

“Maybe the worst,” Zakaria responded. “I think tied with Donald Trump for being the worst ever.”

It's pretty unanimous at this point. Look for a red wave incoming soon.

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