WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Takes Down New York Times Writer Over 9/11 Bill

Dan Crenshaw does an incredible job of exposing the left. The Congressman had the opportunity to do it again with a New York Times writer. The writer, who will remain nameless, called out Republicans for not sponsoring the 9/11 Victims Fund Bill. The bill that Jon Stewart has so strongly fought for.

Well, Dan Crenshaw did sign on as a sponsor. When the New York Times writer had a chance to admit defeat, he pressed forward and demanded why Crenshaw wasn't stronger with sponsoring it.

It's amazing that Crenshaw keeps his cool and calmly picks these people apart instead of losing his mind.

This is often what the left does. There is a bill they want passed and they only highlight the parts that will make a person opposing it look bad. The bill is filled with crap, but they don't include that part.

It's not necessarily true the 9/11 Victims Fund Bill is full of nonsense. On the surface, this bill looks like a no brainer. It's just important that all of the money in the bill is actually going to the 9/11 first responders.

It's awesome to see Dan Crenshaw remain calm when under attack and expose the stupidity of the left.