Watch: DC Officer Says Capitol Rioters Tried to Kill Him with His Own Gun

Washington D.C. Metro police officer Michael Fanone told CNN that he went into “survival mode” at the Capitol as rioters allegedly reached for his firearm and yelled, “Kill him with his own gun.”

I will stop right there and state that I do not know of a single Trump supporter who would say something like that....and we already know for a fact that violent leftists activists have been arrested by the FBI for infiltrating the otherwise peaceful protests in D.C.

Fanone, who is a narcotics detective and typically works in plain clothes, says he put on a uniform to provide backup on January 6. He claims that he was tased numerous times in the neck by the mob and considered deadly force to escape.

However, he said that he chose not to so because he did not have the firepower to take them all out, and he did not want to "give them the justification to kill me."

Instead, he recalls that he appealed to their humanity. "I just remember yelling out that I have kids. And, it seemed to work,” he said.

Fanone also suffered a minor heart attack related to the riot, and gave a parting message to the rioters who helped him: "The conclusion I’ve come to is thank you. But f*** you for being there."

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