WATCH: Democrat Rep Doubles Down on Claims Trump is a Russian Agent: 'He's Betrayed Our Country'

Congressman Eric Swalwell is no stranger to calling out President Trump. He once said that the government can nuke resistors. He also claimed that President Trump is a Russian agent. Now he has doubled down on his claim that Trump is a Russian agent.

While appearing on PBS's "Firing Line," Swalwell was asked about his unsubstantiated claims against President Trump. The congressman didn't back down one bit.


“He’s betrayed our country. And I don’t say that lightly. […] He works on their behalf. Since he met with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in July where he took the interpreter’s notes, hasn’t told any U.S. official what they discussed. He has taken us out of Syria, which is a top priority of Russia. He sought to diminish or pull out the U.S. from NATO. And he’s easing sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s friends who are under investigation.”

Hoover pointed out how President Trump has increased sanctions on Russia and armed Ukrainian soldiers. During the dispute with Syria where were even a few hundred Russian soldiers killed.

Even at this point, Swalwell didn't back down. He said that these sanctions were put against Russia "begrudgingly."

Hoover pointed out that Swalwell had provided zero proof that President Trump is a Russian agent.

“It’s pretty clear,” Swalwell said. “It’s almost hiding in plain sight.”