WATCH: Footage of Saudi Arabian Dad Slapping His Baby Daughter Because She Can't Walk Goes Viral

A Saudi Arabian dad has been arrested after footage of him surfaced of him slapping his baby daughter because she was unable to stand up.

Yousif Alqutai is a Palestinian living in Saudi Arabia. In the video you can see him strike the young girl across the face and each time he does it her knees buckle. It's an absolutely disgusting video.

In an equally disgusting act, he snatches her by the scruff of her neck in an effort to get her to stand back up as she dangles and cries.

Saudi Arabian Dad Slaps Baby Daughter

According to the New Arab, Alqutai insists this is a very old video and is seeking forgiveness.

In a social media apology video he said, "As you can all see now she is perfectly fine. I tried to teach her to walk and now look by the grace of God she walks by herself."

Despite his pathetic apology the viral clip has triggered massive backlash with loads of people calling for authorities to intervene.

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim retweeeted:

"Children Protection Associations need to intervene urgently for sure!

"But honestly this toddler is damaged in a way or another!

"The way he hit her on the head. I can't take her out of my head!

"What is happening to humanity? It's insane!"

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This is absolutely disgusting and how anyone with a functioning brain thinks this is okay is beyond me. He should be locked up and never be allowed to go near his daughter again. No amount of apologies will change that this is a sick man who has no business raising a child.