WATCH: Hillary Clinton Gets All Giddy When Audience Members Suggests She Run for President Again

Perhaps Hillary Clinton really is a glutton for punishment.

There have been some signals that two-time loser Hillary Clinton is ready to jump back into the Democratic primary for a third time.

While making an appearance in Portland, Oregon Hillary Clinton was asked which of the sea of Democratic candidates was her favorite to take on President Trump in 2020.

While Hillary wouldn't say who she likes most, she did let out a giggle when someone screamed for her to win.

She was with her daughter Chelsea at Portland's Revolution Hall discussing the new book the two of them wrote together.

Hillary Clinton Giddy About a 2020 Run

Of course Hillary Clinton made a reference to the Electoral College.

"I just want to see who can get the Electoral College, because it won't do us any good to win the popular vote again. I actually think a number of our candidates could win the popular vote. But at the end of the day, as I know better than anybody, and as Al Gore knows, that is not the game. You've got to win the electoral vote."

She's very proud of her win in the popular vote. Despite the win meaning absolutely nothing.

The left is still desperate for the popular vote win to mean something.

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