WATCH: Joe Biden Threatens the Non-Vaccinated

President Joe Biden has taken an extremely aggressive stance against the non-vaccinated. Now he's threatening the non-vaccinated.

“If the unvaccinated get vaccinated, they will protect themselves and other unvaccinated people around them. If they do not, states with low vaccination rates may see those rates go up – may see this progress reversed,” said Biden.

Those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price,” Biden added.

Is this a threat? Without a doubt. Regardless of what our nutty president says, we have your solution for those of you who are not vaccinated and have no plan of doing so.

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i identify as vaccinated

Get Your "I Identify as Vaccinated" T-Shirt for $5

It wasn't long ago that Biden said you have two options: get vaccinated or keep wearing a mask.

Now he has stepped up the pressure and is threatening those who have not been vaccinated.

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