WATCH: Mike Rowe 'Returns the Favor' to Americans

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe is having a great deal of success with his Facebook Watch show "Returning the Favor." It debuted in August 2017 and has produced over 40 episodes.

Much like Rowe's other ventures, "Returning the Favor" shows what it means to be a good American. He travels across the country and finds people who are doing a great job contributing to their community. Rowe and his nonprofit, MikeRoweWORKS, step in and help these individuals contribute even more to their community.

It's great to see that not only is Rowe contributing to communities, but he's spreading his message using new media, as a program on Facebook Watch. Anyone with a Facebook account is able to watch this program free of charge. Learn more about it here.

Rowe also has a very popular podcast called "The Way I Heard It." This podcast allows a range of topics including Hollywood to politics to history. Rowe and his team describe the pod as “a series of short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span."

Rowe is a very busy guy. His successful podcast has nearly 100 million downloads. His Facebook Watch shows are getting millions of views. Best of all he does it with a blue collar approach that can be appreciated by anyone.

During an interview with LifeZette, Rowe was asked how he keeps going and what motivates him. Here's his response:

What keeps me going is the opportunity to do shows, and write books, and work on projects that check several boxes at the same time. I think it’s fun, it’s engaging — and ultimately, if I do things that my mother [Peggy Rowe] looks at it and says, “Well, Michael, it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty good,” or, “Your father and I are not embarrassed by this” — well, then, I guess I’ve done OK.

Again, you can check out Rowe's pod here, his Facebook Watch show here, his upcoming book here and his foundation here.