Watch: She Slips Up, ‘We Didn’t Infect Enough People’

Is COVID-19 man-made? Is it a virus created in a lab meant to wreak havoc, just conveniently before the presidential election? Did it come from the same lab that Obama sent bookoos of money? There are far too many factors of this pandemic to be a coincidence.

In the video below, you can hear plain as day Royal College of Nursing Chief Executive Dame Donna Kinnair state that they “didn’t infect enough people.”

Hmmm. Was that a slip up? Was it on purpose or on accident? Who knows. I am sure there will be plenty of people out there who will try to justify or explain that she meant something totally other than what she said. However, you heard it for yourself, in the Queen’s English.

How long until this video is taken off YouTube? Seems like anything that appears to show the truth is immediately banned by YouTube, Facebook, and Google.

Welcome to communist America.

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Renowned Scientist Is Positive That This Is How COVID-19 Was Started (VIDEO)

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