Watch: 'Squad' Member Rashida Tlaib Announces Re-election Campaign

"Squad" member Rep. Rashida Tlaib announced last Wednesday that she is running for a second term in Congress.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to run for re-election to represent and serve the incredible residents of 13th Congressional District,” Tlaib said, "Together, we have worked tirelessly to deliver one of the best constituents service programs in the country to address the needs of everyday people and making sure it drives the legislative agenda in Washington, D.C.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Announces Re-election Campaign

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Posted by Rashida Tlaib For Congress on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

She is currently running unchallenged as the only democrat in the August 4 primary election. 

Metro Times reports:

Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress and one of the earliest supporters of impeaching President Trump, has become a household name.

In her first week in office, Tlaib told an elated crowd, “We’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”  

In 2008, Tlaib made history by becoming the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature. She served three terms in the state House, earning a reputation as a tenacious advocate of environmental and racial justice.

Tlaib, the oldest of 14 children, was born and raised in southwest Detroit and is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants. She is the mother of two boys.

Clearly she is such a classy lady. People like her do not need to be in office. People like her have absolutely no place in politics. They are so incredibly crooked that it's almost sickening.

Interestingly enough, she is even losing popularity among Democrats and Hillary supporters as well! How about that?

Although I guess I should give credit where it is due. Thanks to Tlaib's diligence, along with Rep. Ilhan Omar and other Democrats, we can now look forward to President Trump's re-election in a land slide!

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