WATCH: Teen Band Plays Their Hit Song 'CNN Sucks!' Outside Trump Rally

Just outside the Trump rally in North Carolina, there was a teen band playing their hit song "CNN Sucks!"

Apparently the band made quite a smash.

Per Big League Politics:

As Trump already assemble for tonight’s Greenville, North Carolina rally, a group of teens took it upon themselves to provide free entertainment for those waiting, playing an original song titled “CNN Sucks” for the crowd.

Featuring lyrics like “Lyin’ Wolf Blitzer”, “Don Lemon, he lies about everything” and “Jake Tapper, you make me wanna hurl”, the band appears to have utterly horrified Christopher Mathias, the Huffington Post journalist who captured the video on Twitter.

Other good lyrics captured include deriding another journalist, saying “he whines like a girl”, and “Jeff Zucker, keep talking!”

“Can you hear us yet? CNN sucks,” the video concludes, “We’ll give you a story, and you’ll never forget! CNN sucks!”

“I have arrived at the Trump rally in #Greenville, NC and the first thing I see is a MAGA teen band playing a song called ‘CNN sucks’,” wrote Mathias.

MAGA Teen Band Plays CNN Sucks!

Many people reacted positively to the band on Twitter:

It's good for these teens to show that not all people their age have to hate President Trump.