WATCH: The View Changes Gears: Goes From Steve King is Racist to Trump Should Resign

Republican leaders removed Rep. Steve King from his committee assignments Monday after his interview with The New York Times on Monday.

On Tuesday the entire United States House, including every single Republican condemned King's comments he made in The New York Times. 

King is using the age old excuse that they were "taken out of context." Instead of trusting their colleague, they trusted the Times.

So what did The View make of the incident? They used it to paint all Republicans as racist. What else would they do?

Joy Behar, who has no business criticizing anyone, screamed that Trump is next. Despite her past of ripping Christians and conservatives, she is one of the moral compasses of the left.

Per The Daily Beast:

But things took a sharp turn when co-host Sunny Hostin asked whether Republicans in Congress will take the “moral high ground”—like Democrats did with Sen. Al Franken—and force King to resign.

From there, she asked if they would then “step up to the plate with Donald Trump” on his border wall, which she said the president has been using as a “dog whistle for racism.”

“But Sunny, there’s 42 percent of this country that supports the wall,” Abby Huntsman replied. “Are they all racist?”

All she could really say in response was, “That’s a good question. I don’t know, is Donald Trump racist?”

Joy Behar chimed in with “Duh,” but Huntsman wouldn’t touch that one. Ultimately, both she and McCain pushed back on the idea of suggesting that those who want a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border are in the same “racist” ballpark as Steve King.

These women are the absolute worst. Republicans can do not right in their eyes. They keep moving the goal post, but one thing remains the same: to The View no conservatives can do anything right.