WATCH: Tucker Carlson with Vicious Takedown of 'Demented' John Bolton

This is not the first time this has happened. Tucker  Carlson tore into the "demented" National Security Adviser John Bolton, who he called a "bureaucratic tapeworm."

Bolton is always accused of being someone who is endlessly seeking war and death. He was a major player in the Iraq War and it's no secret he is looking to fire up a war with Iran.

During his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker locked in on the Neocons who “still wield enormous power in Washington.”

“According to John Bolton, [Iraq’s] a raging success. We killed hundreds of thousands of people, lost thousands of our own troops, spent more than $1 trillion all to eliminate a WMD threat that despite John Bolton’s assurances, never existed in the first place. Bolton is glad we did all that. Really happy about it. That’s demented. Normal people don’t talk about that. There’s nothing normal about John Bolton,” Tucker Carlson said.

That was followed up by a clip where Bolton talked about his desire for a regime change in Iran.

“I had said for over 10 years since coming to these events that the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the Mullah’s regime in Tehran. And that is why before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran. Thank you very much,” Bolton said.

“In other words, last night has been in the works for years. John Bolton is kind of bureaucratic tapeworm. Try as you might, you can’t expel him. He seems to live forever in the bowels of the federal agency reemerging to cause pain and suffering. But critically, somehow, never suffering himself,” Carlson explained.

“His life really is Washington in a nutshell. Blunder into obvious catastrophes again and again, refuse to admit blame, and then demand more of the same. That’s the John Bolton life cycle,” Carlson finished.