Watch: Women for Trump March to 'Stop Impeachment'

This is the kind of women's march that I can support! Women who support President Trump marched on Thursday morning to stop the unfair impeachment attempts of the left. They did not wear pink vagina hats or claim to be "nasty women." Instead they gathered peacefully and classily in cities across the country (including Washington, D.C.)  to stand up for what they believe in.

This march is honestly phenomenal to me because the media and the left would have you believe that women who support Trump do not exist. Newsflash! We DO exist, and there's many more of us than they realize!

We marched to the polls to vote for Trump in the last election, and we will do so again in 2020!

You can watch the feed from the march here:

Women for America First coordinated the marches, and their message has been head loud and clear: "Stop the impeachment now!"

“We want our President to know he is not alone and we stand with him,” Amy Kremer announced on the website, “Our President needs us more than ever before. We must not let him down.”

They also gave some ideas for protestors to write on their signs. The ideas included:

  1. Don’t Impeach My Vote!
  2. Stop Impeachment Now!
  3. I stand with President Trump
  4. Impeach This!

"Impeach This!" is probably my favorite one from the list! If I was not currently 40 weeks pregnant, I would have most definitely joined in on this march. The left needs to understand that we will not cower down and let them bulldoze over us.

The Democrats are working hard to impeach President Trump because they know that is the only way they will be able to win the election in 2020. They hate the fact that they cannot control Trump and they are willing to do whatever they can to get a leg up.

Thankfully, we see right through their dirty little games.