Witch Hunt Continues as Second Whistleblower Emerges

A second whistleblower has emerged from the shadows to accuse a political appointee in the Treasury Department, who works under Steven Munich. The whistleblower claims that the currently unnamed appointee tried to interfere with IRS audits of either President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.

The new "source" spoke to the Washington Post on Thursday, but the Post has not revealed any details of who the whistleblower may be or the specifics of the allegations.

The Trump administration has, of course, denied the claims and called the accusations flimsy.

Daily Mail reports:

The IRS conducts annual audits of the president and vice president’s tax returns – a process that is supposed to be walled off from political appointees and biased interference. But the IRS official claims in the complaint that a Trump-appointed official at the Treasury Department attempted to improperly interfere in the process.

The complaint comes amid rising tensions of Trump’s refusal to turn over a backlog of his tax returns to remain in line with long standing precedent.

Democrats filed a lawsuit earlier this year demanding he disclose the filings, and California even tried to pass a new law that required presidential candidates release a backlog of five years of their tax returns in order to appear in the primary ticket in the state.

They do not need those documents. This is just an attempt to frame Trump and make him out to be a criminal. However, we know who the real crooks are in the swamp!

Does anyone else find it alarmingly convenient that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff push for Trump to be impeached before Thanksgiving and suddenly a new accuser steps up? Yeah, I don't believe it one bit.

The whistleblower is a career official at the IRS and the Post confirmed this week that he filed a formal complaint to both chambers of Congress and to the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration.

The whistle-blower also told the Ways and Means Committee last month of possible evidence of 'improper influence' in the IRS's audit of Trump's tax returns.

I'm sure we will hear plenty more about this in the near future.