WOW: Nancy Pelosi Proposes 'Electronic Dogs' To Secure Border - VIDEO

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said walls are immoral and don't work? Well, what does work Nancy? She proposes that we use "electronic dogs" to protect the border.

Here is her take on using electronic dogs to detect drugs, guns and contraband:

PELOSI: And then we talk about technology. Several hundred million dollars for the technology to scan the cars coming through the ports of entry and that is to detect guns. It’s like an electronic dog almost to detect drugs, guns and contraband.

It's like someone is daring her to go on television and say these things. Each week she says something dumber than she had the previous week. And this woman is the Speaker of the House. It's unreal.

Tucker Carlson's reaction to this is incredible. Of course! Why didn't we think of this sooner? The answer was right there in front of us!